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Why hello there.

I am a playwright, tea professional, and yoga instructor living in Chicago, and I'm glad you took time to stop by.

I hope you stay a while and leave refreshed, ready to take on whatever challenges you face.


a little about me

I grew up in Indianapolis, birthplace of Kurt Vonnegut, and inherited his celebration of the mundane and the poetry of the bizarre. In addition to my Midwest roots, my interests in theatre and religions have broadened my art; I see my work as creating alternative realities in order to play within and expand our current one.

Along with working with words, I run my theatre company (NoMads Art Collective), as well as teach yoga, game, play music, and serve tea.

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Currently, I'm

Currently, I'm

my current


current book

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current book         I'm reading

Snow Crash,         by Neal Stephenson


current tea          I'm drinking

Pu erh Qianjiazhai 2014 Shu Brick,    sold by Verdant Teas


Current album       I'm jamming

Swing Slow,          by Miharu Koshi




Current Projects


^ a play about a tea shop that sells dreams


^ a new art monthly series called The Forge


^ a mini-blog about tea history and beauty (@bendrinksteas)



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my resume



P is for Pepe (One Act)

Workshop Production         NoMads Art Collective  (dir. Scott Jackoway)         2017                                             at Chicago Fringe

Reading                             The Theatre School        (dir. Scott Jackoway)         2017                                          at DePaul University

52-Hertz (Full Length)

Developmental Production     The Theatre School     (dir. by Keira Fromm)         2017                                             at DePaul University

Reading                                The Theatre School    (dir. by Michael Burke)       2016                                             at DePaul University

Ca-Ching: A Modern American Religious Drama (One Act)

Production                       NoMads Art Collective      (dir. Leo Chappell)          2015                                               at IndyFringe

Red Like a Dinosaur’s Liver (Full Length)

Production                      NoMads Art Collective     (dir. Scott Jackoway)         2014                                               at Carmel Theatre Company

April Come She Will (One Act)

Production                       NoMads Art Collective     (dir. Scott Jackoway)        2013                                               at NoMads Art Gallery


Other Endeavors

Co-Founder and Resident Playwright                             2013-Present

NoMads Art Collective

Certified Yoga Instructor                                                  2015-Present

RYS 200, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

Administrative Intern                                                                  2013

Chicago Dramatists



The Theatre School at DePaul University

Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Playwriting / Minor in Eastern Religions

Conferred June 2017